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I am a 1st year PhD student in Biological Anthropology at Yale University. I have a background in biology and archaeology and am interested in researching human evolution through the study of genetics and genomics.

Research Interests

My interests focus on the evolution of genes involved in metabolism and the evolution of diet within the human lineage. My previous research examined the patterns of functional variation in starch-digesting enzymes in humans and non-human primates. Currently, my research interests focus on population genetics and genomic analyses of modern-day populations to understand adaptive evolution in metabolic-related genes, such as the FADS gene cluster. Additionally, I am interested in incorporating ecological and demographic history to determine if introgression from archaic hominins played a role in unique haplotypes seen within populations in the regions of Southeast Asia and Oceania.


Outside of the lab, I am a strong proponent of science education to help inform understanding of human evolutionary concepts and advancements in human evolutionary genetics for the general public. To this end, I have been involved in several forms of outreach including:


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